Commercial Wood Flooring

Commercial Wooden Flooring

For some, nothing beats the classic look and feel of real wood flooring. It’s versatile, with options for any interior design and nearly any application, aside from the heaviest load uses and specialty healthcare settings. Commercial wood flooring is hypoallergenic, can last for decades with the right care and is easy to clean and maintain

Key Considerations When Selecting Wooden Floors
  • Species Your floor’s look, feel and pattern depends on the species you select. You can pick a domestic, such cherry or an exotic, such as bamboo. For commercial settings, you want the hardest species that tits your design, so your floor will last.
  • Color Most domestic species come in a range of pre-stained colors, while many exotic species aren’t pre-stained – instead, their natural color comes through.
  • Width The wider the planks in your floor, the fewer visible seams there are, highlighting the natural appeal of a wood floor.
  • Texture You can select wood floors with a range of textures, from smooth to customized, tactile finishes.
  • Finish A finish protects wood flooring while adding color and hue. Most engineered hardwood comes pre-finished, which streamlines installation, improves air quality and typically means longer flooring life, no frequent refinishing and longer warranties. Many solid hardwood floors are site-finished, offering easier repairs, a limitless selection of stain colors and the ability to improve the surface following installation. Solid hardwood can withstand far more refinishes than engineered hardwood can take.